We’re extending into the attic

So I’m in the middle of making major changes to my house. We’ve been here for nearly eleven years and our little family has grown from just the two of us to three growing kids and two crazy dogs. But during this time of constant change, our little family home has stayed the same – little with no changes!

We decided to extend the attic. Attic conversions are a popular way to create more space in a home. But we made this decision almost 18 months ago and it has taken us until recently to agree what the best use of the space would be.  We’ve had quite a few attic conversions companies call around to give us a quote. Most offer quite thorough onsite consultations and you’ll learn a tonne just from this alone. You’ll also benefit from subscribing to some social media pages and feeds. I liked this Facebook attic conversions page.

We agreed it needed to be ‘family space’ and not a bedroom or workspace. Finally everyone has come around to my side and we’ve agreed to create a chill out zone. No televisions, gaming consoles or media devices of any kind. There will be big soft couches, bean bags, shelves stacked with books and space for my yoga mat.

Things to think about when considering extending your attic (other than interior design ideas!);

  • The existing roof dictates the shape of the ceiling in most cases, and these shapes make loft rooms interesting, unique and a joy to be in. The roof will also be a fundamental influence on the type of windows you can have and also on the stairway that you can have fitted. The position and the style of windows and stairs will need careful consideration to make the most of your loft conversion.
  • Gaining access to your new attic room requires considerable thought. The new stairway has to: look good; take up minimal space; have sufficient head room all the way to the top; be compliant with local building regulations; and be usable. It is also likely that the stairs will lead to a hallway which has access to an external door to meet fire regulations, so having steps opening into another room might not be an option.
  • The process of converting an attic can be quite disruptive to family life. In the main, access to the construction works will be through your front door and up your stairs. There will be dust and dirt. And there will be noise. I’ll certainly aprreciate my new zen place when it’s all done.

In the meantime we’ve booked a much needed two week family break to France starting tomorrow!! So I’ve ordered all the furnishings and I’m very hopeful that when we return from our holidays the bulk of the work will be done.

Ciao, I’ll leave you with this inspo video;

Transform Your Life by Changing Your Mental Programming – Bob Proctor